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Walk like a Goddess

Submited by- blogging4566 on 25 Dec, 2011    Beauty & Fashion

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With the domination of fashion and demolition of pressure walls, here is a chance to prove that I am not so close to being a clueless idiot on fashion (anyone wants to tag along?). Well fashion to me is not style, design, brand, etc... but its the attitude, confidence, coolness, and yes (walk like a goddess) the way you carry yourself no matter how clumsily your dressed. The other day I happened to go to the airport for a send off, yes the usual thought (What to wear?!), Uh oh! Not again! When is my mom going to stop whining about how and what I wear. Why do our moms frantic shrills of complaints still run chills down our spine? I shoved off the idea of wearing a short top.
Now what I did was wore my faded ol Kalamkari Kurta and teamed it with a sporty sweatshirt, and ofcourse my jeans below. I walked into the airport, coming through people! Huf! I dont know what conclusion to draw out of the millions or more eyeballs peeping at me (Did that woman just roll her eyes at me?). Jeez! Okay okay. May be it didnt work out the way I thought it was supposed to. Whatever the outcome, it was truly a challenge for me. Now dont you think its time for some compliments, my friend said Cant go more weird, dam neat you look. There it is(got what I want!).
I wouldnt say these cine starts are my role model, wearing weird bright colour codes, but they are definitely a scrumptious fashion meal. Burp!! Want some? So if you need to define yourself make yourself proud and most importantly, be yourself. Ignore the shrugging shoulders, rolling eyeballs & scrutinizing looks and believe in your bedroom wardrobe mirror.So hit the road girls! And have a great fashioned life!

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ramesh219 (3 Years ago)

fashion is what you love wearing...just be what you want to be...

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