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The day that changed my life!

Submited by- ruchii.kumar on 08 Nov, 2011    Health

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How can I forget 8th July 2005? That was the day that changed my life completely! It was just an ordinary day, the sun was out, I wanted to just get the doctors visit done with, and was so looking forward to a dinner at a friends place that evening.

It was a routine visit to the gyanaecologist, and the usual embarrassing situations that go with it. She examined my breasts carefully, then once again, and yet again. I was mystified. Whats up Doc? I asked. I knew something was wrong by the look on her face. And it was

The doctor pointed to this small lump in my left breast. I was all of 31 years, and like a lot of young women, had never been for a mammogram / ultrasound. A terrible mistake on the part of the doctor and me, of course.

It was breast cancer. But I dont want to dwell on the cancer part of it. I want people out there to know Im a survivor! Yes, the last three years have been Hell: tests, biopsies, masectomy, untold fears, the fright in the eyes of my children, days that I was completely down. But, I have survived!

Id love to exchange notes with others who have been afflicted with a similar condition. Can we network, and tell the world that there are more survivors than deaths from breast cancer. It has so much to do with awareness. Id be happy to hear from people who share my thoughts and views.

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