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What if it Comes Back?

Submited by- ruchii.kumar on 13 Sep, 2010    Health

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Ive been having a cough the last two weeks. A rattling kind of cough, persistent and quite frequent as well. Its so bad, some nights I cant remember sleeping. I can see its disturbing the family, more so my husband, and it is preventing me from going out and exercising. Its kind of getting me now.

Some days there are chills, and a vomity sensation. I guess these arent things a normal person really worries about. But you see, with having been diagnosed with breast cancer 8 months ago, nothing in my life seems normal any more. The doctors tell me the cancer is gone, that I need to keep my spirits up. But how? Theres that lurking fear in my mindwhat if it comes back?>I tell myself often enough, if it ever comes back I am going to FIGHT it! But then again, I wonder, WHAT can one fight when it comes to ill-health? How many women out there are facing this reality? Wanna share your thoughts or even your breast cancer heartaches?

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