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"what bothers most about my city".

Submited by- ruchii.kumar on 03 Jun, 2011    Lifestyle

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Well, i am an 18 year old college student living in Chennai. And in order to travel to college, i have to take a local MTC bus. Well, as a girl i have experienced lots of problems travelling in buses. First of all, since there are very few buses operating in and around, and due to lack of frequency, we are forced to board crowded buses and its sheer hell travelling in it. The men never seem to face the other men while standing and always face the women and try to act very indecently either by standing too close and not giving women enough space. Many of the women are robbed of their valubles especially mobile phones. Some of these men constantly monitor these girls and then slit their bags and steal their valubles. It is almost a nightmare to travel in such buses and due to which i have to always miss several buses in order to board a non - crowded bus. I lost my mobile phone in a similar way inspite of being very careful and so have most of my classmates. When will this problem ever end and when will women ever find any safety whilst travelling ?
And the other most haunting problem is the menacing "Traffic". Its impossible to dodge nasty traffic and pedestrians during peak hours. In order to travel to a place which may be only 15 minutes away from your destination, it is a must that you start an hour earlier. And around monsoon, the traffic travels at snails pace and comes to a standstill. Infact, walking proves just as difficult.
These are a few of the problems living in a metro like Chennai. Hoping for a Safer, Calmer Chennai in the future and even that seems like a distant dream.

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lupenlile (4 Years ago)

This is quite true........ had similar experience many times.There was a point of time when i stopped using these buses altogether. Then somehow realised that i was only being a loser. Im lucky in one way that i had school buses and college buses to cater to everyday needs, but anyway if i ever planned to go out, i usually planned my event such that it was always during the non-peak hours.

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shan832 (2 Years ago)

its true evn am facing the same problem in metro chennai

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eskay (2 Years ago)

Dears,this is the penalty you have to pay for the crime of having been born a girl child ,that too in an Indian metropolis. And the worrisome fact is that with the worsening male- female ratio,this problem is likely to aggravate further.Solutions? Pester the authorities for 'ladies special buses' Use charted buses or carpooling system. Still better ,acquire battery operated two wheelers which are very economical to use. And last but not the least relate the problems you are facing as a lady to your son/ s, so that at least they behave suitably when they grow up.

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