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Fasting- the myth and the reality.

Submited by- antihivchamp on 27 Nov, 2010    Health

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I have a habit of fasting every Monday. When someone asks if I had ate I would tell them that its a Monday and that I am fasting.. The replies I get for this are many. Few are as follow. a) why do u ve to starve??? B) God never asks anyone to starve... c) You are already weak. D) Why do you take the risk e) you ll end up getting ulcer and some ll be realy sarcastic replies like oh very god fearing and the religious type eh.. and added with a even more sarcastic he he he.. I ll also be he he ing in my mind.. Other replies will be like oh you fasting for a good hubby eh I ll be wondering that people say marriages are made in heaven and how would things change by fasting. Well many people fail to realize that fasting is actually beneficial . When a person fasts the energy that is usually spent for digestion process is diverted to purifying the blood... The toxins in the body get eliminated when you skip your lunch... and coming to the ulcer point... Ulcer usually occurs when you are starved and not when one fasts. What actually happens is the gastric acid secretion in the stomach damages the stomach wall.. but when you take in fluids there is no damage.. jus water is enough to nullify the acid effects. Ulcer is the result of starving over a period of time and not because you skip lunch one day in a week. So there are many scientifically proven facts that fasting is indeed beneficial.. I never attempt to explain these things to people who ask me why I fast because I know I ll get sarcastic replies but I can blog on these for sure. The truth is fasting is healthy both for the body and for the mind

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