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Fix over fitness

Submited by- kotirohini on 10 Nov, 2011    Health

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Fitness fads are at an all time high these days and practically every newspaper, invariably carries articles, tips and gyan on fitness.
I doubt if it is the synergy of such pressure around me, which somehow subconciously drove me to join a gym recently.
Though I am not to the fatter side, I realised that there was a total lack of physical activity in my life and impulsively hit the gym and enrolled myself. Little did I realize the implications it would have on the other aspects of my life.
I am left with no choice but to visit the gym, only at the prime time. The crowd factor alone is enough to demotivate me. To top it, the stereo plays music on full blast, so much so, that at times I am unable to listen to the gym instructions.
Though the cardio workouts render me active, the toning ones are quite demanding. Each part that is toned, sulks by throwing up an ugly ache at the end of the day. Sadly this lasts for at least two days. And on such days, the swear slang phrase used, "pain in the a**", would mould itself into "pain in the particular part that aches"!
With this new fitness schedule of mine, I seem to have started to shuttle over a paradox. When I stretch myself at the gym, beyond my capability, I curse myself and swear to cut down on junk food.
However, in the evenings, after long hours at work, I snack my way to glory, on all types of junk food. I convince myself, with the thought that I would anyway work out the next day and burn away those calories!
Beyond all jokes, I am better drawn to our traditional means of fitness, Yoga. The fact that it provides the triple benefit of physical, mental and spiritual fitness, places it ahead of others, on my scorecard.
I keep wondering why I wasnt driven to it, as much as I was to the gym, in the very first place. Though it is too late to be regretting now, I have decided what my next fitness schedule would be, once the membership at the gym ends!

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