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Sly Delux Sofa Bed

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Aug, 2011 LIFESTYLE  HOME & OFFICE INTERIORS  

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Wisely chosen bedroom furniture ensures that you get the rest that you need after a hard day`s work. Bedroom furniture should be bought with care, and after a lot of consideration. Ideally, any bedroom furniture should possess elegance, and at the same time ensure maximum comfort. The Sly Delux Sofa Bed is an elegant furniture to own.

About The Sly Delux Sofa Bed - The Sly delux sofa bed consists of elegant, black vinyl upholstery, and has a sleek chrome finish, or a tough matte black finish. The frame is made from sturdy industrial steel. The Sly delux sofa bed is available in two other finishes, the black microfiber finish, and the red microfiber finish.

This is an ideal modern furniture, that is compact and comfortable. It doubles as a sofa and as a bed. It does not occupy any unnecessary space. The pocket spring mattress is great for sleeping, sitting or simply, lounging. Another advantage of the Sly delux sofa bed, is that you can use the space beneath the sofa bed as a storage space for bedding.

Dimensions Of The Sly Delux Sofa Bed - The Sly delux sofa bed weighs only 88.4 lbs. The dimensions of the sofa are 79W x 55D. All dimensions are in inches. The mattresses are extremely comfortable, and provide great support without being too firm. Click on the links of sitagita, to know more about the coolest Sly Delux Sofa Bed that is available in the market. The site provides useful information on the Sly Delux Sofa Bed, and other types of beds. So enjoy surfing the site, and make a list of all those beds that you would like to check out before making up your mind on the bed that suits your needs!

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