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Romy Designer Queen Sofa Bed

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Aug, 2011 LIFESTYLE  HOME & OFFICE INTERIORS  

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Luxurious relaxation and elegance is associated with several Types of Modern Designer Beds and Sofas. These luxurious designer beds and sofas provide comfortable luxury to those who are purchasing these goods. Romy Designer Queen Sofa Bed is a very distinguishable designer sofa bed. Romy Queen Sofa Bed is distinguished by its unique feature of traditional make up, along with a double frame support of metallic frame below. This designer bed cum sofa is more traditionally oriented.

Having a non-bearing structure, Romy Designer Queen Sofa Bed is made from particle wood, made strong by the use of fir and is covered with widened polyurethane of different densities. Needle-punched thermo fiber, protective cover and vibrated fiber make up the extra layer.

Without even taking away the seat cushions, Romy Designer Queen Sofa Bed can be transformed to a regular bed for sleeping, as this purpose is facilitated by the presence of a 5.5 inch high spring mattress in the interior. The cushion at the back are fixed to provide relaxing support to the head while watching TV or reading. The cover of the Romy Designer Queen Sofa Bed is entirely removable and can be subjected to washings. The cover are available in three wonderful Chiton fabric colors, Brown, Red and Sand.

The toils of experienced craftsmen and renowned designers bear fruit when one praises the Romy Designer Queen Sofa Bed. This furniture can be used for any purpose and therefore, is very much preferable to people who look for utility without compromising on comfort and relaxation.

Romy Designer Queen Sofa Bed can fit nicely in any of your rooms, specially in the living room of your house. The Extras associated with Romy Designer Queen Sofa Bed include Elective 2 back-rest pillows and elective 2 side cushions. This piece of designer furniture is really a great thing to have at home.

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