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Orient Designer Bed

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Aug, 2011 LIFESTYLE  HOME & OFFICE INTERIORS  

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Beds are an indispensable part of any household. It is difficult to imagine a home without a bed of some sort or the other. Different countries, different cultures have different types of beds. The typical Roman bed was different from the ones used by the French or the English. However, with the world coming closer day by day, furnitures are following a common trend, or at least a similar one, the world over. The orient designer bed is an elegant piece of furniture to own. The orient designer bed comes under the category of platform beds.

  • About The Orient Designer Bed - The orient designer bed comes in a variety of colors including gray and black. The frame is made of metal. The curved metal framework gives the orient designer bed a cool, futuristic effect. The adjustable headrest is a nice feature. This type of bed uses a slatted frame. Preferably, cotton mattresses are used for the orient designer bed.

  • Dimensions Of The Orient Designer Bed - The sizes offered range from full size to queen size. Full size measurements are 59.75w x 91.3d x 15.3h. Queen size measurements are 67.7w x 91.3d x 15.3h. All dimensions are in inches. These beds are light, and weigh about 146.2 lbs. Wooden, and fiber frames are also available. These orient designer beds are available at all leading furniture stores, and can even be bought online.
Click on the links of sitagita, to know more about the coolest orient designer bed that is available in the market. The site provides useful information on the orient designer bed, and other types of beds. So enjoy browsing, and make a list of all those beds that you would like to check out before making up your mind on the orient designer bed that suits your needs!

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