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Italia Modern Bed

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Aug, 2011 LIFESTYLE  HOME & OFFICE INTERIORS  

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When one thinks of a queen size bed and king size bed which guarantees luxury and comfort, the immediate image that comes to one`s mind is that of the Italia Modern Bed. Modern Italia Bed includes Italia bed, Slats to provide support to the mattress, and a Italia headboard. The frame height of Italia Modern Bed is about 10 inches. The entire structure is made of Wood Veneer, the feet are of metal and wood. This Canadian made designer furniture is extremely comfortable and luxurious. The experience of relaxation creates a euphoria and a tremendous sense of well being and comfort.

A rare degree of luxurious comfort is one of the most distinguishing feature of Italia Modern Bed. Professionally designed and skillfully crafted, Italia Modern Bed is very reliable in its functionality. Besides this, there are various Types of Modern Designer Beds and Sofas.

The design being Canadian, it is always kept in mind that the comfort of the customers should not be compromised at any cost. The exclusively designed bed is really a treat to loll in. Tangible as well as intangible elements are very skillfully blended to give an attractive look to the bed.

The lines at the borders are very skillfully designed and crafted, the structure is conventionally very tough along with short strong feet. The artistic frame is a treat to look at too. The headboard is simply majestic and a royal elegance is evident by its presence.

Italia Modern Bed has a wood finish comprising Walnut, Chocolate, Natural and Back. The design is quite unassuming, but the artistic finish is quite evident as soon as you witness the strong and elegant Italia Modern Bed. The king beds are 18 inches more in its width than the queen beds. The price of Italia Modern Bed usually starts from $1,038. 00. Italia Modern Bed is the ultimate symbol of relaxation and comfort.

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