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Enter Armoire, Bedroom Furniture and Furnishings

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 11 Aug, 2011 LIFESTYLE  HOME & OFFICE INTERIORS  

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Armoires are useful for storing clothes, and other valuable articles. Modern armoires are available in wood, fiber, and metal finishes. They are compact storage furnitures. With the world coming closer day by day, furnitures are following a common trend, or at least a similar one, the world over. The Enter Armoire is an elegant piece of furniture to own.

About The Enter Armoire

Typically armoires are tall cabinets, provided with drawers and shelves. The Enter Armoire comes in only in one finish, that is wenge. The Enter Armoire is manufactured in Italy.

This towering armoire is an ideal combination of the traditional and the modern, magnificence and utility. The wooden armoire comes equipped with a detachable storage shelf meant for media players. This means that the over all storage space of the magnificent Enter Armoire can be adjusted at your convenience. The interior of the Enter Armoire is very spacious, and this armoire comes with a cupboard, and two storage drawers at the bottom.

Dimensions Of The Enter Armoire -

The dimensions of this armoire are 42.5W x 21.75D x 78.25H. All dimensions are in inches. It weighs 310 lbs. These Enter Armoires are sold at all leading furniture stores, and can even be bought online.

Click on the links of sitagita, to know more about the Enter Armoire that is available in the market. The site provides useful information on the Enter Armoire, and other types of armoires. So enjoy browsing the links of this site, and make a list of all those armoires that you would like to check out before making up your mind on the armoire that suits your needs!

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