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Bedroom Designs

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 10 Aug, 2011 LIFESTYLE  HOME & OFFICE INTERIORS  

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A Bedroom is the most personal space where one can really unwind and relax and de stress oneself. Not only does it offer you rest and relaxation in the night, it also offer to you leisure during the day. A bedroom is not just any other room in your home; it is the most significant room for you. After all as soon as you come back from work, or come back from a meeting or even come back from a tiring day of shopping, you head straight to your bedroom for some peaceful moments. There are different types of Bedroom designs and styles which you can adopt and use in your own bedroom.
The scientific definition of a bedroom defines it as that space of the house that is attached to a bathroom, it should ideally be of a specific size and it could also be built below the ground level. However a lot depends upon the local traditions and customs and also the locality and area it belongs to. Like in several affairs the color scheme and the various corners of the room have been described according to the local ways of life.
However in today`s world, there is a variety when it comes to bedroom designs. From the furniture to the color schemes and from the size to the accessories to be housed in them, one could actually explore a great selection. Design your favorite room and make new and innovative styles to bring a new life to your bedroom. Bedroom designs can be unique and novel in their own ways and you can bring in some personal changes to add a personal feel to it.
There are many elements one should keep in mind while designing the bedroom and its interiors. Tastes and preferences needs to be considered of the person who would stay in the room. This being in the top of the priority lists other details and essentialities should not be forgotten. Bedroom designs include Light patterns, windows, closets, mirrors and utility segments like a computer table or a makeup desk or a television. All these elements greatly depend on the user of the room and how he/she wants it placed.
Whatever may be the case; the Bedroom designs should be definitely in a way so that it reflects the personality of the person who stays in it. The bedroom should be designed in a way so that it offers complete privacy and relaxation to its occupant or occupants. You can choose contemporary styles; patterns and designs when you are designing your bedroom.

Bed Styles

The style of your bedroom depends on your taste and preference. The bed occupies the main space of your room. Hence the styles will be very important. There are different types of bed styles available in the market. You can go for twin beds or full size beds or queen beds. You can opt for daybeds or poster beds or even bunk beds. Bunk beds are quite popular among the kids.
You can go for a bed with or without a headboard. The headboard can be elaborate and very decorative giving it an antique look and feel to your room. You can go for an upholstered bed which is great if you like it. A royal canopy style bed can be very comfortable and elegant. You can also go for the antique metal beds to give a unique touch to your bedroom. You can also go for the custom made bed which nowadays comes in different styles.

Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom furniture will depend on whose bedroom you are designing and it will also depend on the utility factor. The furniture should be such which saves space but also has enough space for your belongings to be stacked. The style of the furniture differs in cases of kids and adults.
It is better that there is no glass furniture in your children`s bedroom. The placement of the furniture is important also. It should not be placed in such a manner which will make your room look cluttered. A toy chest for your kid is a must and so is a wrought iron shelf for your teenaged son/daughter where they can stack their music CD`s.
You have to retain the class and elegance as well as keeping in consideration the needs of the person. A chair and table will look good in your school or college going child`s room. Two single sofa sets is a must in your personal bedroom where you and your partner can talk. Cupboards and cabinets will be ideal in a bedroom. But the style of the furniture has to be keeping in mind the type of room and the person`s preference and needs.

Bedroom Furnishings

After buying the furniture you need to purchase the bedroom furnishings. Bedroom furnishings include bed spreads, bed sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, mattress covers, quilt covers, curtains, carpets, and blankets. These should be brought keeping in mind the color of your walls and furniture. Don`t go for brilliant and bold colors which can become an eye sore later on. Go for light colors like pink, beige, white and blue. You can also go for contrast colors. For the children you can go for bright colors like red, green and orange.
Kids Bedroom

When designing your kid`s bedroom you should always use bright and vibrant colors. Toddler beds, bunk beds, book cases, chairs and tables are common things found in a child`s bedroom. Always cover the floor of your child`s bedroom with carpets or soft cushion so that in case he falls he will not get badly hurt. Multipurpose furniture like a cupboard with a study table can also be installed in your kid`s bedroom. You should use some of the favorite images in your child`s room. Images can be of any kind and type be it a cartoon character or teen idols use your imagination to brighten up your child`s bedroom. Use his favorite color in the bedroom walls so that the child likes staying in his bedroom.
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