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Manicure at Home

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 16 May, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  SKIN CARE & BEAUTY TIPS  

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If you think a manicure is only for those with long nails, you are mistaken. A well-manicured hand reflects a groomed look. And all you need to spend is half-an-hour to have everyone eating out of your hand....

You will need:

  • Cotton balls
  • Nail polish remover
  • A nail file - as a rule, use one that is not too coarse
  • An orange stick (a slim wood stick with chiselled ends)
  • A nail brush
  • Cuticle cream
  • Hand cream
  • A base coat
  • Nail polish
  • A top coat
  • A nail stone
  • Remove old enamel. Dip cotton pad in an enamel remover and place on nail for a minute before wiping.
  • Shape and file nails.
  • Soften cuticles with massage cream and soak in warm soapy water.
  • Use a cuticle remover and gently push back the cuticles. (Do not cut cuticles, just trim it.)
  • Apply base coat and let it dry before retouching it.
  • Apply two thin coats. Do not flood nail with colour.
  • Apply top coat across nail and over tip to protect ends from chipping

Manicure checklist....

To give your manicure staying power

  • If nail enamel is too thick, thin it with nail solvent. Never use nail enamel remover, since it has a negative effect on application and wear.
  • Allow adequate drying time for nail enamel. Apply nail enamel a couple of hours before bedtime to avoid smudging.
  • Extend your topcoat over and under edge of nail tip for more effective sealing power and longer wear.

If you are busy....

  • Work on your nails while you are in the shower.
  • Keep your nailbrush and filer handy. Clean your nails with your nailbrush. As soon as you have shampooed, take advantage of your soft cuticles and push them back. Apply cuticle cream when you have towelled off.

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