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Henna and its Uses for Beauty Care

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 28 Aug, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  SKIN CARE & BEAUTY TIPS  

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Marriage season is on again and everyone is looking forward for the best form of mehendi or henna. The best mehendi will turn out more red on the hands. The Rajasthani mehendi is believed to be the best of all in India. Even for the recently concluded Ash-Abhishek wedding mehendi was procured from Rajasthan.

Mehendi Virtues

Mehendi is traditionally used at weddings, Henna symbolizes fertility. Mehendi in the North of India marks the rite of passage of marriage in a girl`s life and her initiation into womanhood.It is also a symbol of love between husband and wife. The bride`s intricate mehendi pattern normally has the name of the groom interwoven into it. Henna, is also believed to have other unique properties as well,for example it is a coolant in hot summer, also a tranquilizer and is considered a nice deodorant, because of its succulent earthy aroma. Henna/mehendi is widely used in `Siddha` medicine, as deodorant, astringent, detergent, coolant and a tranquilizer. Traditionally it was used for its medicinal qualities.

Uses of Mehendi

The fresh leaves of mehendi mixed with lime juice or vinegar are used to apply on burns, churned leaves are applied on the sore joints for rheumatism, its juice is applied on the body and its flower is used to cure headaches and induce sleep. Ways to use it - Just mix the flower with vinegar and apply it to the forehead. Henna oil is applied on the hair to prevent graying of the hair.The leaves of this magnificent herb also seizes bleeding or secretion and prevents skin diseases. For years, leaves of mehendi are being used in the treatment of vitiligo, a skin disease. Henna seeds are used for curing fever and also for regulating menstruation. The seeds can also be used for curing dysentery. Way to use it- Take powdered henna seed, mix it properly with ghee, make small balls of it and take them regularly with lukewarm water. Bark of this herb is used for treating the symptoms and signs of jaundice. The crushed form of its bark is applied to skin as a treatment for certain skin diseases like scabies, eczema, burns and fungal infections.There are people who have hair problems like thinning of hairline. The best treatment for all of them is henna leaves.

Way to use it

-Take fresh henna leaves and boil them in mustard oil, apply this mixture and massage it properly over the scalp for healthy and shiny growing hair. If there is any soreness in the throat, you can use the decoction of mehendi leaves for gargling.The grinded leaves of this herb can also be used for relieving prickly heat. Way to use it - Apply water dipped leaves over the affected area.
Henna for beauty
The henna plant is common in India and is used in rural areas as a hedge. Rural women pick fresh mehendi leaves, prepare them and use it on their hands or hair. Henna is also sold in powder form. The plant is prepared and made into a paste. Lemon juice is added to the paste to intensify its red color. Other ingredients such as tea leaves, coffee powder, and eucalyptus oil are also added to it increase smoothness and viscosity.
These days henna is also being used for body art.

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