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Your True Colours

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 15 May, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  HAIR STYLE & MAKEUP  

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Colour your hair and wait for the reaction: it changes your face and changes even the way other people see you. But which is the perfect shade for you? The right chemicals can make your hair look shinier and skin livelier. For a quick boost, you can even use a semi-permanent colour at home, but for really good results you`ll need to go to a salon.

Find The Right Shade

Skin tone is the key to the right colour; check out if your skin is warm or cool. Warm skin has brown undertones (usually with brown or hazel eyes). The difference between how you look in white (cool) and cream (warm) is a clue to find your skin tone, say colour analysts. See which makes your skin look healthier, features brighter and brings out the colour of your eyes.

Colour To Fit Your Life

Depending on whether you`re shy or extrovert, conservative or trendy, determine the shade that works for you. Take these into account:


  • Find out what`s in your wardrobe. If you wear lots of red, it reflects back on the face. So, if your hair is coloured red too, you`ll end up looking flushed.
  • Your commitment to colour:The further you stray from your natural hue, the more maintenance is needed. Are you prepared to invest the time and money to keep it up?
  • The colour of your eyes: the right hair colour will make your eyes `zing out`. The wrong one will make them look piggy.
  • Vital Stats:Your age, job, haircut and how much make-up you wear.
  • The `carry-it-off` factor: If you have a neutral complexion, wear fashionable clothes and lots of make-up, you can get away with almost anything.

Clothes For Your New Colour

A radical colour change means you have to adapt your clothes and make-up, too. Going lighter demands a softer make-up touch as well as a clothes rethink. Go darker and you need more definition on your eyebrows and lashes and a deeper lip colour.

How Hair Type Affects Colour

Some hair types are far more resilient than the others. You should be aware of the limitations of your hair and to what extent your hair can withstand colour treatments. Asian hair is strong and can withstand colour treatments more readily than any other type. When hairs look very shiny or `glassy`, it indicates that this kind of hair has a dense cuticle arrangement and might be more difficult to process. These are all generalisations, however. At the end of the day, all hair is individual.

Dos And Don`ts

For Dark Skin
: Blonde - it goes brassy with natural black pigment. Go for: Copper or chestnut if your skin has warm or amber tones; darker skin with cool tones look great with deep wine red or blue-black.
For Olive Skin
Avoid: Bright blonde.Go for: Light hazel-brown; dark golden-blonde; auburn lights.

For Pale Skin Avoid: Extreme strong colours: jet-black looks witchy; ash shades wash you out. Go for: Golden blonde, copper.

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