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Facet Joint Syndrome, Specific Conditions of Back Pain, Causes of facet joint syndrome

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Facet Joint Syndrome is one of the specific conditions of back pain that are giving trouble to many. As more people are paying a visit to the doctors for back pain the doctors have become more concerned with the back pain.Facet joints are present at the back portion of each vertebrae. The facet joints act as a link between the vertebrae. These facet joints are responsible for the movement of the spinal chord. The structure of this joint are quite similar to that of the other joints present in our body. The facet joints are covered with articular tissue and synovium membrane. Synovial fluid which is present around the facet joints prevents friction of joints.

The back pain which occurs at the facet joints are regarded as the facet joint syndrome. Though the pain usually occurs at the back, neck pain, shoulder pain or headache also accompany facet joint syndrome.

Causes of facet joint syndrome

Injuries are one of the common causes of facet joint syndrome. The bones usually wear out with age causing pain. If there is any irritation of the nerve fibres or pinching of the spinal nerves then there is a possibility of facet joint syndrome. Be careful about your postures. It has been that improper or wrong postures may often result in facet joint syndrome. Trauma, accident, disc degeneration, infection and also inflammation are some of the common causes leading to facet joint syndrome.

Symptoms of facet joint syndrome

The major symptom of facet joint syndrome is pain in the lower back. This pain may increase with movement and twisting of the body. The pain which you will intially feel at the back will slowly spread to other parts of your body like thigh. You may become stiff and encounter difficulty in moving your body parts and even standing straight. Most of the time the facet joint syndrome are accompanied with neck pain, pain in shoulder and headache. You may also have difficulty in rotating your head.

Diagnosis of facet joint syndrome

If you are having pain for a long time then it is best to consult your physician. In most cases the doctors after hearing your medical history and going through some examination can arrive at a conclusion. But in certain complex cases you may have to undergo an X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography scan of your spine to find out the exact problem. Facet joint blocking may also be done if the facet joints are the root cause of your problem.

Treatment of facet joint syndrome

You can easily avoid back pain if you are careful enough. See that you are in correct postures and your spines are in correct alignment. If possible try to avoid sitting in one particular place for a long time. Do some exercise regularly. Remember that these physical activities are the only means of remaining fit and avoiding many physical troubles. You may be prescribed some anti inflammatory drug like motrine. But try to avoid such medicines as you may face a number of side effects like headache and nausea. It has been found that 80% of the people who suffer from facet joint syndrome gets cured.

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