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Acute Mechanical Back Pain, specific conditions of back pain, Causes of acute mechanical back pain

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Back pain is one of the chief concerns of the doctors in the recent time since large number of patients are coming to the clinics everyday for treatment of back pain. Acute mechanical back pain is one of the specific conditions of back pain.Back pain in common among people of all countries and more specifically in adults. Much of the problems however can be avoided if precaution is taken from beforehand. In order to take these precautions you have to be careful about the specific conditions of back pain.

If you are having back pain for 4 to 6 weeks then you may have acute mechanical back pain. Usually this type of pain originates in the spinal chords and extends over joints, vertebrae and soft tissues. Acute mechanical back pain is also known by the name of acute low back pain, lumbosacral strain, lumbago, lumber syndrome and as idiopathic low back pain.

Causes of acute mechanical back pain

Usually acute mechanical back pain occurs as result of accident or trauma. However most of the time the reason behind such medical problem remains undiscovered. Researches have proved that only in 20% cases the cause of acute mechanical back pain can be known. Though in most cases the causes are unknown yet it has been found that problem in spinal chord is mainly responsible.

Symptoms of acute mechanical back pain

You may feel an intense pain on the back. The pain which is initially confined in the back slowly spreads over the knees and thighs. Spasm is also quite common with acute mechanical back pain. You may feel the pain while lifting some heavy weight. Back pain in certain cases can be more dangerous than sciatica during which you may have pain in your legs. For proper diagnosis of acute mechanical back pain you may have to undergo a series of tests. Most of the time if it is detected at the early stage your doctors may not ask you to have such tests. But if there is any infection or doctor may suspect malignancy then you may have to do blood tests, scan, magnetic resonance imaging, Xrays and computed tomography.

Treatment of acute mechanical back pain

People usually have a tendency to neglect back pain at the initial stages and visit the doctors only when the pain is beyond their endurance. But if care is taken at the early stage then your acute mechanical back pain may get cured. Doctors usually recommend bed rest for those suffering from acute mechanical back pain. If you take a complete bed rest for a day or two then you may easily get well. But in order to get rid of the back pain you have to perform certain physical activity. If you do not want to suffer then take out some time from your hectic schedule and do some simple exercises which will help you to remain fit and fine. You can also apply ice and heat alternately on your back. This will help your muscles to relax and you will get relief from pain. Medications are also quite useful in this regard. You can easily avoid acute mechanical back pain if you are careful about the correct postures of sitting and daily exercises. So instead of visiting a doctor take care of yourself.

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