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Preventive Healthcare in Babies

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 30 Aug, 2011 PREGNANCY & PARENTING  NEW BORN BABY  

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Healthcare is an important for any human being; it is of great importance in children and infants. Preventive healthcare in babies is the shield against many diseases and infections that babies are vulnerable to. It is said that prevention is better than cure; if parents can take certain preventive measures to ensure the health of their child, many future health problems in babies can be avoided. They will grow up to strong and healthy adults and live a healthy life up to old age.

Vaccination is essential for babies. Earlier, in the absence of proper vaccination, babies used to suffer from diseases like polio, small pox, cholera, whooping cough and likewise. Polio is a disease that affects the muscles of the legs; the shape of the legs gets twisted and the child gets handicapped for life. Small pox often proved to be fatal; whooping cough was incurable. But with advancement in medical science and invention of vaccines all these diseases can be avoided in toddlers. Polio vaccination is being done with a major national thrust; the government gives polio vaccination to babies on specific Sundays; all kids below the age of five are advised to take this vaccination.
Vaccinations for the other disease have eradicated problems like small pox and whooping cough. Vaccination against liver diseases like hepatitis can prevent jaundice in babies. Moreover, after the birth of your baby they should be given vaccination at proper intervals as suggested by the child specialist. Thus vaccination equates to preventive healthcare in babies.

Babies are prone to high fever and hold high chances of getting infected with cold and flu. Parents should take prevention measures against baby health problems. Babies should be protected from major weather and climate fluctuations. Winter is the time when the chance of these infections soars up; you need to cover up your child with warm woolens so that the biting cold does not affect them.

Digestion problem affects babies to a lesser or greater extent. The diet of a baby should be a balanced one with carbohydrates, cereals, minerals and vitamins. The amount of food should be regulated and monitored by the parents. The cause behind digestion problem should be identified and that particular food should be avoided; some child develops chronic problems due to the intake of lactic acid which is present in milk and milk products and thereby milk should be avoided. Taking food in large quantity is not good because it creates overweight problems in them. Obesity in childhood is the breeding ground for many obesity-related problems in their future life.

Dental care is an important part of preventive healthcare in babies. Children like chocolates and all sweet things and usually they are not conscious of washing their mouth after taking them. This lead to cavities and gum infections. Dental hygiene is important for preventing dental problems. This will ensure them a sparkling set of permanent teeth

For preventive healthcare in babies you need to visit a pediatrician and follow their advice and suggestions.

To know more about baby health care browse the pages of sitagita and read the pages.

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